Pablo Tarrero Segarra, (Barcelona 1973) His first contact with photography was in 1992. Six years later he graduates from Comunicación Arts in the USA. In 1998 he returns to Spain where he stars working as a photogrpher and videographer. He exhibits his work individually since 2010 (Galeria EGAM) and he is a member of the collective "Diez Miradas". He has shows his work in Spain, Cuba and Portugal. He has collaborated with the United Nations, "Ministerio de Cultura del Brasil", CAD Productions, and has worked with many international production companies. Today he is working on his projects in Southern Spain, Morocco and Cuba. Contact: Email: Instagram: @pablots_studio Saatchi art: @pablotarrero Vimeo: @pablots
Mayor Exhibitions  (2020) Palacio Quintanar, Segovia (Diez Miradas) (2020) Transferencia Cultural, Haba Gallery @ Utopia 126, Barcelona (2020) Museo de Arte de Almeria (Espacio2) (2019) Centro Cultural Villa de Móstoles, Madrid (2018) Centro Portugues de Fotografía, Porto (Diez Miradas) (2017) Casa de las Américas, Alicante (2017) Choko Barcelona, Barcelona (2015) Centro Hispano Americano de Cultura, La Habana, Cuba (2012) La Vaqueria, Barcelona (2011) Galeria EGAM, Madrid (2007) Galeria Mediterranea, Palma de Mallorca (2007) Galeria Tom Maddock, Barcelona All Rights Reserved | Pablo Tarrero Segarra & Pablo T S Studio © 1992 - 2020