A wall, another wall, and many other denouncing walls

Copyright © 2016 Pablo Tarrero. All rights reserved.

Bullet holes? Encrusted brains? Counter­advertising? Tire splashes? Blood? Grease? Phonebook? Execution wall? Last wishes? Prisoners’ signatures? Spells? Testimonials? Quick sex? Slogans? Scars from History? Pedestal? Graffiti? Catharsis? Minimalism? Silenced truths? What vehement obsession to rescue identities in times of blind dates, of extremisms, of brainwashing, of crises, of planned obsolescence, of new order, and of the growing victory of the trivial? It is known that we see, hear, say, and therefore interpret what is closest to our ideal, to our conception of the world, along with the extent to which our fears and fantasies shape our reality.  (read more)